What is Raw milk?

Raw milk refers to milk that has not been treated with heat in order to be sterilised (pasteurisation) or had the fat droplets emulsified to stop the cream from separating (homogenisation).

Raw milk is what all milk used to be, before pasteurisation became standard practice. Although there are many documented health benefits to the consumption of raw milk, there are also some risks. By law, we must include a health warning on the bottles of our raw milk.

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However, if you take the time to source your milk from a reputable, meticulous farm like us, with healthy, happy and grass-fed cows, the risks are small. We believe the benefits outweigh them by far, but you can find out more about this by visiting our page on health benefits, and our page on risk and myths!

Here’s the 10 step journey of SUPERMARKET MILK


And here is the journey of our raw milk:


At Simply Milk there’s no heavy processing; no tankers travelling up and down the country; and there’s a guarantee that the milk you drink is fresh every day.

It is what it says on the label… Simply Milk!