Our Herd


Our cows are a happy herd of Friesians and Montbéliardes.

Montbéliarde cows are incredible animals, and their milk is naturally higher in proteins and butter fats – that means more flavour and health benefits in your raw milk!

The very best raw milk comes from a diet of grass, and you can be assured that all of our cows are free range and grass fed, grazing fresh pastures of our gorgeous green fields from early Spring to late Autumn.

Those that live near us can testify that our winters can be harsh; to protect the girls from the bitter weather, we sometimes have to bring them inside, where we supplement their diet with our home-grown silage (preserved grass).

We are a “closed herd”, which means we do not purchase any livestock and we rear calves all year round; it’s important that our young calves grow into healthy, happy cows, and the welfare of our animals is central to our way of life.

Bob and Jake milk our girls twice a day, and we are proud to sell our raw, unpasteurised milk right here at Home Farm. The fresh, creamy flavour comes directly from the lush grass of the Peak District – come and grab a bottle from our vending machine today!