The Farm…


Rented from the historic Hassop Estate, Home farm has been the pride of our family for the past 25 years.

Our Simply Milk vending machine is situated at the front of our farm, where our herd of gorgeous cows have access to acres of lush, green fields; free to graze and soak in the sun until late Autumn.

A couple miles down the road, we have further land where the younger cows space can stretch their legs and let off a bit of steam!

We work tirelessly to ensure that our farm is home to a happy herd, but we also want to give something back to the wildlife around us, and be custodians of the beautiful land we’re surrounded by. We grow crops to be self sufficient and use homegrown food for over winter. Crops such as red clover & ryegrass silage (fermented grass), wheat, oats and kale. 


To achieve this, all of our fields are entered into agricultural schemes that mean we are:

  • Improving our water quality

  • Protecting natural features of the land

  • Conserving grasslands for a vast array of wildlife

  • Providing habitats for crop-nesting/foraging birds

  • In the process of converting to a fully organic farm


Hassop is home to many animals, big and small; here are a few incredible shots taken by local photographer Robin Kirkland in and around our farm.